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Advocates for a Professional WorkPlace

Hurtado's Response for TVI Employees
to top Officers' Compensation Increases

delivered to the TVI Governing Board
December 10, 2002
see article in the Alibi reporting on this

I am before you tonight to express the union�s perspective and response to the raise given to President Glennon.  I know you have heard from employees regarding how the amount was calculated and why it was approved, as well as various other concerns and comments.  I have contemplated my response very carefully.  I have spoken with instructors, janitors, groundskeepers, security officers, deans, associate deans, secretaries�in short, all the folks who make this school what it is.  In fairness, I have not spoken with President Glennon and I do not wish to express my concerns based on his job performance or him personally.  I also do not wish to second-guess the Board about its decision or its power to negotiate the president�s raise.

I, as well as many who acknowledge President Glennon�s accomplishments and integrity, do not want to be seen as personally attacking him or the Board.  After some sleepless nights, a fair amount of email, and numerous phone calls and conversations with TVI employees, I have come to a rather simple conclusion; the amount of the raise and the accompanying benefits hurt our feelings!

With that said, I went to the table this year with the realization that in a post 9-11 economy, it was unreasonable, even perhaps unpatriotic, to push for much in terms of monetary enhancements to our contracts.  In good faith, I urged my members to accept the 3% with the knowledge that the Board was being generous to TVI, given the fact that raises in the state were virtually non-existent and that we could go for more as the economy improved.

Now, after a sizable commitment to the president of the school, as well as to those who work most closely with that office, all I can do is offer you my perspective.  Security officers at your school are now making about $2.40 more per day than before the tragedy of 9-11, after a report commissioned by the school raised serious concerns about safety at the Institute.  The President�s automobile allowance for the month is equal to or a bit more that many groundskeepers, janitors, and physical plant employees received in a raise for the entire year.  While faculty is grateful for the sizable commitment to raising our �at-the-bottom� of regional salaries to the middle, the president�s compensations, as well as the vice-president and dean salaries are near the top of national averages. We all live in the same community with the same economy, same prices, same housing costs. 

TVI�s main goal right now is growth.  Has anyone asked us what that growth has meant in the classroom?  It has placed definite stress on everything we do.  Growth this term meant, of course, parking problems for faculty, staff, and students.  We did not have enough chairs in one department.  Without an increase in computer labs, more students just meant less time in the labs for schoolwork.  We were asked to cut back on our copying and our professional travel.  Increasing class size has been an imminent threat, especially to quality.  There has been less funding support for release time and academic endeavors.  Increased enrollment meant more crime on campus.  I would urge the Board to reflect on a balance of growth, an increase in dollars spent for services, and better pay for all employees.  You have too many employees merely eking out a living at TVI.  

I may be presumptuous when speaking for all of TVI employees; however, I hope to speak for most who are asking for the same commitment to all of TVI employees that has  been afforded only a few.  All make this school a premier institute and will continue to do so.

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