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Advocates for a Professional WorkPlace

  Member Benefits

THE ONE BENEFIT THAT MATTERS THE MOST: Knowing that membership in the TVI Employees Federation makes you part of the solution. You are helping build the strength and mutual support that has proven effective in winning professional dignity and compensation.

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ear your union pin!  

Local Benefits:

bulletAbility to have a voice in your professional and work life future
bullet$1,000,000 Professional Liability Insurance
bullet$25,000 Accidental Death Insurance
bulletLocal assistance with employment disputes
  AFT Plus Benefits:       

Union-Made Clothing -
At Union Prices www.unionplus.org/clothing

Wear your union pride on your sleeve...or pant leg...with union-made clothing! These new Union Plus Clothing Discounts are designed by and for union members only. What's in it for you? A 5% discount on union-made clothing from two apparel providers.

Find the union label on everything from union-made jeans, T-shirts and sweats to socks, dresses and pants. And save on every purchase with your union-only family discount.

Click here for your one-stop union-made and sweatshop-free discount shopping! With these clothes, you'll look good and feel good.


 BehindTheLabel.org represents the efforts of a global alliance of clothing workers, religious leaders, and students standing up to demand human rights for sweatshop workers.


New Members Website


Group rates for Insurance - Disability, Life, Long Term Care, Critical Illness, and Short-term Medical 


Affordable Term Life Insurance


Discounted Legal Service


AFT Plus Credit Card   


Hospital Protection...
  Enroll for $50 a day coverage at no cost. 


Educational Loans


Other Loans




bullet Union-made Clothing
bullet Discounts on Prescription Drugs, Hearing Aids, Vision Care
bulletDiscounts on Lodging, Car Rental, Theme Parks
bullet Discounts from Restaurants
bullet Educator's Tax Guide
bullet Magazines at Special Member Rates
bulletPet Insurance


bulletWays to Save on Auto Insurance
bullet AFT Mortgage Program          

... and more

Members, have questions? Need help with a benefit?
Contact Fenton Ayres at AFT-NM,
266-6638, X382

Union Plus Benefits (AFL-CIO):

Ready for a Vacation?  Cash in on Union Plus Entertainment Discounts - www.unionplus.org/entertainment

bullet Tell your members to call 1-800-565-3712, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm ET and reference Company Member ID: 744387769 or visit www.unionplus.org/entertainment Since this is a special deal unavailable to the general public, union members need to complete a short registration form before they can access the Web page.
bulletSee the "Everyday Savings" fact sheet that covers entertainment discounts and more - #


bullet Education Services - How to afford higher education - with union help
bullet Apply for education loans.
bulletLearn about 529 plans and other financial aid tips.
bulletAssess your educational needs, select a school and figure out how to finance your tuition with Wiredscholar � a comprehensive site about the go-to-college process provided by Union Plus and Sallie Mae.
bulletBuy affordable books from Powell�s, a unionized online bookstore.
bullet Search for scholarships.
bulletAttend labor leadership classes at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies.

PET SERVICES: Keep your pets healthy and happy - at a reasonable price. Pet insurance, vet discounts and PETCO.com deals are at your fingertips.
AUTO BUYING SERVICE: No hassle, no commitment, no haggling car sales. Sound too good to be true? Believe it. The Union Plus Auto Buying service helps you find the perfect new or used car, truck or van for you, at a good price, usually saving you hundreds of dollars. You can also pocket $100 when you support your fellow union members and buy a union-made car.

bullet GOODYEAR DISCOUNTS: You can get rolling with 5-10% tire and service discounts now. Save on new tires, oil changes and other car tune-ups at Goodyear stores. To get your coupon and find a Gemini service provider in your area, click here.
UNION HOTEL DISCOUNTS: Stay union - and save.  Support your fellow union members by staying at unionized hotels.  Plan for a winter or spring break - and save 10-70% on hotels in popular U.S. vacation spots.
Dell computer discounts, IBM deals
bulletmyFICO credit score program
bulletSend an e-card, play a family game - Click here for the "family fun" section.
bulletMortgage & Real Estate Services

25% discount on Avis Car Rentals


Health Savings  Read a full description of the Union Plus Health Savings Program here.

bullet Smile - and show us your pearly whites!  We're now offering enhanced dental discounts through the Union Plus Health Savings Program.  That means better discounts with increased geographic coverage for you.  These changes affect only the $49.95 premium program. Search for dentists in your area here.
bullet Need to revise or create a will � or need any other type of legal advice? Check out the Union Plus Legal Service where you can get a free 30-minute consultation and 30% off other legal services. We're always adding new law offices to our service, so find a lawyer in your area by clicking here.
bulletYour union membership doesn't cost -- it pays!  Save time and money by using your Union Plus discounts online. Visit unionplus.org/discounts for more information."


click here for monthly newsletter on Union Plus Benefits

Visst this link for the full listing of Union Plus discounts.


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