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LOCAL NO. 4974
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Article 1 - Dues
Article 2 - Officer Duties
Article 3 - Labor Delegate 
Article 4 - Committees 
Article 5 - Amendments


1.1  The Federation shall increase dues to equal any increase in per capita payments that are required to be made to the American Federation of Teachers, the AFL-CIO and the Central New Mexico Central Labor Council. 
        (from E. A. Constitution, VI, Dues, A.)

1.2  The local share of dues will be indexed to the member's salary. The Executive Council shall vote on the formula for the index.  (from E. A. Constitution, VI, Dues, B.)

1.3  Every member, officer and Executive Council Member shall pay dues. 
                (from E.A. Constitution, VI, Dues, C.)

1.4  Dues must be paid through payroll deduction or semiannual payment if retired or on leave. 
      (from A.T.F. Bylaws, Article I, Section 2)

1.5  The dues year shall be from September 1 through August 31.
                (from A.T.F. Bylaws, Article I, Section 4)


2.1  All officers and committee chairs must file copies of all official non-financial correspondence with the Secretary.

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2.2  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees except election committee.

2.3  The President shall authorize all payments of bills submitted by the Treasurer.

2.4  The President shall provide leadership in executing the policies and objectives of the membership of the Federation.

2.5  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Council and of the general membership.

2.6  The President shall make a report to the membership at least once each year summarizing the accomplishments of the Federation and outlining plans for the next year.

2.7  The President, with the approval of the Executive Council, shall appoint the chairpersons of all standing and ad hoc committees, the Chief Negotiator of each bargaining team, and the members of the bargaining teams.

2.8  The President shall represent the Federation to TVI and to the community.


2.8  The Executive Vice President shall perform such duties as designated by the President.

2.9  The Executive Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President.

2.10  The Executive Vice President shall facilitate communications between the Federation and each of its constituent bodies, including the branch campuses and departments.

2.11  The Executive Vice President shall be responsible for membership and recruitment in coordination with the Unit Vice Presidents.

2.12  The Executive Vice President shall be the chairperson of the Membership Committee.

2.13  The Executive Vice President shall furnish written monthly membership recruitment reports to the Executive Council.


2.14  The major responsibility of the Unit Vice Presidents shall be to communicate the needs and desires of the members in their units to the Executive Council. 

2.15  The Unit Vice Presidents shall attend all meetings of the Executive Council. 

2.16  The Unit Vice Presidents shall hold at least two annual meetings of the unit which he/she represents in order to survey the needs and wishes of said unit.

2.17  The Unit Vice Presidents shall be available to chair unit meetings throughout all the TVI district campuses in order to meet the needs of the unit members

2.18  The Unit Vice Presidents shall meet at least twice per year with the other unit vice presidents to build communication among themselves and to develop common purpose among all the represented units. 


2.19  The Secretary shall keep minutes of Executive Council and membership meetings. 

2.20  The Secretary shall help in the preparation of all written communications, including newsletters and electronic publications of the Federation.

2.21  The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining all non-financial records of the Federation.

2.22  The Secretary shall distribute meeting minutes no later than two weeks after each meeting, or at the next general membership meeting if it is scheduled within two weeks of the meeting in question. 

2.23  The Secretary shall maintain a file of all Federation correspondence and make it available to any member upon request.

2.24 The Secretary shall ensure that copies of the Federation Constitution and By-Laws be made available to Federation members upon request.


2.25  The Treasurer shall carry out the financial transactions of the Federation. 

2.26  The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all transactions.

2.27  The Treasurer shall make a written financial report to the Executive Council at least once per month, and provide written financial reports to the general membership meetings in the Fall and Spring of each academic year.

2.28 The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget for approval by the Executive Council and the General Membership.

2.29  The Treasurer shall maintain and provide accurate membership and non-membership lists for the Federation and its affiliated organizations.

2.30  The Treasurer shall furnish a current listing of all paid members in good standing to the Nominating Committee Chairperson during the election process.

2.31  The Treasurer shall be the chairperson of the Finance and Budget Committee.

Article III

3.1  The Labor Delegate shall be appointed by the Executive Council.

Article IV

4.1  All committees shall designate a secretary who will take the minutes and make them available to the Executive Council upon request.

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4.2  The Membership Committee shall promote the Federation, encourage membership through active campaigns, distribute Federation materials, and coordinate membership drives.

4.3  The Membership Committee shall make a monthly written report of its activities to the Executive Council.


4.4  The Negotiations Committee shall consist of the Bargaining Team and two (2) members from each of the bargaining units.

4.5  The Negotiations Committee shall survey members and develop needs assessments.

4.6  The Negotiations Committee shall prepare proposals for negotiations.

4.7  The Negotiations Committee shall provide members for the Bargaining Team with at least one (1) new member from this committee chosen each negotiating cycle to serve on the Bargaining Team.

4.8  Each Bargaining Team shall consist of at least a majority of members from that particular bargaining unit.

4.9  Each Bargaining Team shall make regular reports of its progress to the Negotiating Committee.

4.10  The Negotiations Committee shall approve any tentative agreement made before ratification by the membership.

4.11  The Negotiations Committee shall report to the membership on any tentative agreement prior to ratification.


4.12  The Grievance Committee shall consist of one (1) Department Representative (building rep/shop steward) and one (1) member from the general membership from each bargaining unit.

4.13  The Grievance Committee shall review grievances and make recommendations to the Executive Council regarding bringing grievances to arbitration and providing legal services.

4.14  The Grievance Committee shall ensure that official grievances are properly filed in a timely manner according to contract provisions.

4.15  The Grievance Committee shall maintain records of all complaints made by bargaining unit members, by department, and employee's full- or part-time status. This information shall be provided upon request to the Executive Council and the Negotiating Committee only so long as the complainant's anonymity is safeguarded.

4.16  The Grievance Committee shall safeguard the confidentiality of individual grievances or complaints.


4.17  The Finance and Budget Committee shall consist of the Treasurer, the Executive Vice President, and one other member appointed by the President.

4.18  The Finance and Budget Committee shall prepare a budget for adoption by the Executive Council at least one (1) month prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. 

4.19  The Finance and Budget Committee shall review all financial transactions of the Federation.

4.20  The Finance and Budget Committee shall review all financial reports.

4.21  The Finance and Budget Committee shall review all books on all financial matters.


4.22  The Committee on Political Education shall consist of the COPE Director who will be the chairperson, the CNMCLC (Central New Mexico Central Labor Council) delegates, and other members.

4.23  The Committee on Political Education shall be the non-partisan political wing of the union.

4.24  The Committee on Political Education shall educate the membership concerning political issues.

4.25  The Committee on Political Education shall advance the interest of educators on every political front through political action and lobbying.

4.26  The Committee on Political Education shall conduct candidate screenings and support the campaigns of selected candidates.

4.27  The Committee on Political Education shall work with other NMFEE and AFL-CIO COPE committees to further common goal

4.28  The Committee on Political Education shall report to and receive guidance from the Executive Council.

4.29  The Committee on Political Education shall sponsor an annual legislative breakfast.

Article V

5.1   An amendment to these bylaws may be proposed by any member in good standing of the Albuquerque TVI Federation.

5.2  The proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least ten (10) days prior to the next regularly scheduled Executive Council meeting. 

5.3  These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Council. 


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